Day 1

I woke up today, bit anxious and unsure. I took quite a lot of me to to get dressed and get my son ready for school. But I know I need to power through this and start thinking positively.  I am still taking anty anxiety medication. Which helps me to deal with the physical symptoms of my I will be calling it  IT. 

I really need to make adjustments to my behaviour  and to the way I am thinking . 

I will try to set myself goals everyday. And learn to communicate with my husband. And care for my child so well that no one could say a bad thing.

My goal for today is to get through working day . I want sit at work and try to concentrate solely on my tasks in hand. When I get home I will cook a dinner for my boys  do homework with my son and and give my husband space so he can study for his test. I will be doing my tests to . As I need to become independent as I used to was. 

I want to see how many of this I can achive today. I Shell check in latter. 


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