How do I get myself better?

I decided to start his blog , because I am feeling really lost within myself and at the point of loosing my husband. 

My life was never easy. But I finally met a man who become everything to me. An amazing father to my son and a wonderful  husband. We got married in July 2016. I never been happier. 
We moved house to new place so have fresh start. 

No 7 months in to my marriage I realised I become unbearable.  Selfish, controlling, obsessive, horrible and nasty. And last weekend I have finally hit the rock  bottom. 

I was so angry that I hurt everyone around me.

My husband is trying but he is at the end of his wits. And I can’t face to loose him. 

He recons I am getting in to a very depressive state where I just lash out. He gave me 30 days to save our marriage.  And I do everything  in my power to do so. I want to be this woman again who he fall in love with and who he loved so very much on our wedding day. 


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