Completely lost

Last night me and my husband had another conversation , he is completely resentful. He said he will go to therapy with me and that if the therapist has a magic wand it my help us.

I am so  lost, I told him last night , how he swore on our wedding day to be with me for better and for worst , and in sickness and in health. My husband is doing everything for me to hate him.  But despite all the bad words I love him so very much. It breaks my heart to pieces. The most of all I am worry about my little boy, who is so involve with my husband. It will break his little hear the shred his mind.

My husband promised us /me and my little boy that once we married he will never leave us that once we move it will be for good, that he won’t need to change another school.

My life is falling apart and I don’t know what to do. I had too take sleeping pills last night as I was crying myself to sleep. Sleeping next to my husband was so difficult, I curled up in a little ball and and I thing i finally passed out from exhaustions.  Last night my anxiety kicked in and I had another panic attack  , I was physically sick. All this nasty things he said , don’t make me love him less. I know my husband is still somewhere there.

We going to see the therapist on Wednesday its a first visit before we start . I really hope he can help us.

My life was so messed up before I met him, I had no one , my husband come with a beautiful large family and now he is gonna take this away from me.  I wish I could just wake up and all of this would be just a horrible dream.

I wish some one could give us a medication for this and make us happy again. I am so upset , and I think I cried out a sea of tears by now. I feel alone and no one to talk to.

Spoke to my mum this morning and completely broke down in tears, she is clueless on what might have happened between us.

My husband was promising me everything and now he is just turning his back on me, he says he wants a week off and then take a day at the time and see if he wants to come back, what do I do  ??

How do I let him go not knowing if he ever comes back?



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